6 Ways to Get Motivated and Back to Training

Confession: I, along with other BJJ friends, have been lazy and not been training as much as we like. Here are some of the strategies we are using to get back on the BJJ train:

  1. Have an accountability partner. Is there anyone at your gym, or even a different gym, who you can make a pact with that you'll get back in the swing of things? It's a lot harder to back out of something last minute when you've promised someone you will be there.
    If you don't have a specific person who will check up on your progress, you can use larger social pressure: in the past, I have posted on Facebook that I WOULD be training on a particular day, which makes me feel like I would be breaking a promise to 1,000+ people if I didn't end up going (while in reality, most people on my friends list wouldn't care if I went or not, but it still feels like I would be breaking a promise, so it works!). 
  2. Have your bags packed, and jiu jitsu gear ready to go! Minimize any possibility for excuse-making. If your bags are packed and you know you have everything you need, you can even make sure you get to the gym early. Walk through your pre-training time in your head, and make the process as seamless as possible. Gi? Hair ties? Water bottle? Flip flops? Belt? Towel? Get 'er done!
  3. Make a fun goal. Some people set a goal for how many classes for the upcoming month they will attend (e.g., 15 classes in one month). You can even set this goal with a friend from the gym, or make it public in some way, and then it becomes almost like a fun game. You'll also likely inspire others to get back to training, or to set a goal for themselves, too.

4. Visualize having an enjoyable class. If you're nervous about going back, or are stressed about other things on your to-do list, take a few minutes, close your eyes, and imagine seeing friendly faces at the gym, saying hello to your professor (who will likely be happy to see you back), feeling the energy of the class, and gaining that sense of accomplishment once the class is over. Think: Have you ever regretted going to train? Probably not. Count it as self-care. Chances are, we could all move some more and get some needed exercise. If it helps, you can think about it as an exercise session, rather than getting your butt kicked. 

5. Talk to an upper belt about it. Upper belts are your friends, and you should use their knowledge and experience to your advantage. Pretty much everyone who trains BJJ has had at least one day where they didn't feel like going to class. We all have other stuff we could be doing, and we're human. Message someone on your team or any BJJ friend who has been training longer than you, and tell them how you're feeling. Ask them if they have any words of wisdom for you. In my experience, most people are happy to pass on whatever jiu jitsu wisdom they have. Please know that you are definitely not the only one who has ever felt unmotivated! And, a bonus: if they are on your team, I bet that after talking with them about it, you will feel more driven to show up to class just to see them.

6. If all else fails... sometimes you need to tell your emotions to shut up, and just go do it. It's nice to turn our brains off once in a while. What's the worst that can happen at a class? You look stupid attempting a front roll? The higher belts ignore you? You get tapped five hundred times in a row? I promise, you will live, and when you are 80 years old, you won't even remember this specific instance of feeling freaked out. 

You got this. xo

Did I miss anything? What are your tips and tricks for BJJ motivation? Let me know in the comments below, and make sure to join the conversation on Facebook and Insta!

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