Homemade Quest protein bars!

Hi, my name is Kaeli and I'm addicted to protein bars. 

Do you spend stupid amounts of money on protein in bar form, like I do? Are you always hungry, and need something convenient on the go? Looking for a cheaper option than grabbing something at the store? 
Me too!! I've wanted to start making my own protein bars, and then my friend posted a homemade Quest bar recipe on Facebook. I wanted to share with you guys what I did to make homemade deliciousness!

Below I show you how to make a batch of 12 bars:

Channel your inner hunter-gatherer and make sure you have what you need:

  • VitaFiber (Yes, you need this! This is the foundation of your bar.)
  • Some kind of loaf pan (My friend recommended the Freshware silicone mold, which I really like, but you can also use something else you may already have, such as a normal loaf pan and then cut the loaf into bars, or even a muffin pan and you can have protein discs instead of bars!)
  • Protein powder (to make 12 bars I used 3 cups of protein, which is about 8 scoops of the Quest Salted Caramel flavour that I used. You can use whatever flavour of protein you like, just make sure you have 3 cups). Some people like to use vanilla flavour, because it's a nice plain base that you can add lots of different complementary flavours to. And no, you don't have to use Quest protein. I just love salted caramel :-)
  • Fun stuff to put in your bars! I added dark chocolate and almonds into mine. 
    Go wild here! You can make up your own flavour combinations. Make sure whatever you add compliments whatever flavour your protein powder is. For instance, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, nut butters, etc. 
  • A measuring cup, a bowl, and a fork. 

Prep your ingredients so you're ready to rock n' roll.

  •  VitaFiber: 1.5 cups
  • Protein powder: 3 cups (pro tip: keep track & write down how many scoops of your protein you are using to make it to three cups; this way you will be able to determine how many grams of protein each of your bars has)
  • Additional ingredients you want to add in. I used about 3 oz. (85g) of almonds and about 8 squares of a Lindt 85% cocoa chocolate bar. I chopped up the nuts and chocolate into smaller pieces. This doesn't have to be precise, have fun!

Warm up the VitaFiber until you see little bubbles forming.
You can do this a couple of ways, such as microwaving it if you have it a microwave-safe container, such as a glass measuring cup. 
What I did was pour the VitaFiber into a pot on the stove, and heated it on medium until I saw little bubbles forming. It does not take long! It only took about a minute or so for it to get warmed up. Your goal is simply to warm it up a bit, because this will end up making your bar firmer. 
I forgot to take a picture, so I made a clip art depiction of me waiting for the VitaFiber on the stove. Enjoy. 

Once the VitaFiber is warmed up, pour it into a mixing bowl, and then dump the protein powder in. 
Grab a fork, and mix away!
I ended up kneading it with my hands after I got it mostly mixed up with the fork, which I think helped it get incorporated. 
From here it's just about adding whatever fun ingredients you want, as this is the base of your bar. 

Add whatever fun ingredients to your base as you like, and mix! You have enough to make twelve bars here, so you can make all twelve the same flavour combo, or you can mix it up.

I swear there are almond pieces under all of that chocolate. :-)

Press your delicious mixture into your mold or loaf pan, and congratulate yourself on a job well done. 
My mold only has nine slots, so I made the rest of the mixture into protein balls! Equally delicious.

Put the mold/pan in the fridge for about twenty minutes. 

After the twenty minutes, remove from the fridge and from the mold. If you used a loaf pan, this is the part where you would cut into bars. 
You can store these at room temperate (that's what I do) or you could store in the fridge. The only thing with the fridge is that they might harden up, and I prefer a bit of a softer bar. 

Using the above ingredients for twelve bars should yield:

Using the above ingredients for twelve bars should yield:

Keep in mind, your nutrition info will vary depending on what ingredients you choose to add to your base of VitaFiber and protein powder. Make sure to check your protein powder for added sugar, etc.

Calories: 217
Protein: 18.5g
Total Carbohydrates: 39g
Fibre: 25g
Sugar: 1 g
Total Fat: 7g
Saturated Fat: 3.6g
Sodium: 228mg

om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...... for days

om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...... for days

Cost per bar for this batch ends up being about $2.30 USD. I did not buy in bulk, so that would be something to change for next time. Pricing will vary depending on if you buy in bulk, what protein you buy, etc. My friend makes his bars for about $1.50 each, so it is definitely possible to cut costs on ingredients.

Are you going to make homemade protein bars? I wanna see!
Got any good flavour combination ideas? Share with us!
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