Review: Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi With Preshrunk Fabric - Grey

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the product

Elite Sports Ultra Light BJJ Gi With Preshrunk Fabric - Grey // $79.99 USD

the scoop

I was sent this gi, but I chose a size too big, so now it's my boyfriend's. It's a good looking gi, and in my boyfriend's words,

It’s a solid performance gi and it fits well. I feel comfortable rolling a long time in it or competing in it. It’s light, not loose, and allows me to move freely. It feels really good.
— The Boyfriend
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Aesthetics: 9/10. Actual quote from the gym: "That's a cool looking gi, where did you get that?" I'm obsessed with the green detailing. 
Weight & Fabric: 8.5/10. Lightweight, durable. 
Stitching: 9/10. Fab. No loose threads. Nice green detailing in select areas on this particular style (see photos).

Sizing: 7/10. Sizing is always so hard to judge, especially if you're a tall and thin woman like me. I'm 5'9", but only 125lbs. I have a very small waist and larger hips. So on the sizing chart, I fall under the "A2" size, but for weight I fall under "A1". I ordered the A2 but it ended up too big (see photos). My advice: the weight category trumps the height category. It does fit large if you are a smaller or thinner woman. There are no female-specific sizes.

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Details: 9/10. Cool drawstring tie around the waist. It's a chunky white rope. The boyfriend said he felt for once like his pants actually wouldn't come down even if someone were to grab his pants or he were to invert. That's enough to buy it right there, isn't it? Also, I'm obsessed with the green details. The green piping really does pop against the grey, but it's not too loud like a full-on coloured gi.
Performance: 9/10. After three months of ownership and several rolls, this has become quite the trusted gi. The boyfriend says this is the gi he chooses on days he knows he's going to roll the most. 
Washing: 9/10. This gi really doesn't shrink in the wash. Trust me, I tried. The product description describes this gi as "preshrunk", and it actually is. I accidentally ordered a size too big for me, and thought maybe a couple washes and dries might help me out. You can rest assured that your A2 will stay an A2. 
Customer Service: 8/10. I've been in contact with one or two people from the company and they are generally pleasant. 
Durability: 9/10. Doesn't feel cheap. Feels sturdy and solid.
Breathability: 7.5/10. Normal. Comparable to most gis.

total score: 85/100

Should you buy this gi?

Yes, just be very careful regarding sizing if you are tall and thin. It also comes with a free white belt, so this can be a great option for a beginner. Learning BJJ seal of approval.

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p.s. it's also a great swimsuit

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